Exit interview

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Our exit interview platform is an integrated system that helps companies to conduct exit interviews, report results and generate insights through an analytics engine. Our exit interview platform provides the most granular reasons of employees quitting, as stated in their exit interviews, in complete confidentiality. These exit interviews are conducted by highly trained HR professionals. Both positive and negative feedback is captured from exiting employees. Our professionals are unbiased, non-judgmental, and objective, and read into the unspoken reasons that an employee usually does not talk about in a typical interview.

The focus is on capturing the trigger for leaving and enabling organizations to identify the root cause which helps reduce employee attrition. Exit analysis is our core competency and we bring in the required discipline, passion & rigor that is required to maintain process quality.

Know the truth:

Understand the real reasons of leaving and triggers for attrition. Specific feedback on the people, processes and policies framework governing employee engagement and retention.

Build actions based on data:

  • Decision making minimizes gut feel and provides a solid data-based input to building improvement action plans
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of implementation of corrective actions plans.
  • Month on month evidence-based understanding how the action plans are minimizing the effect of targeted triggers of attrition
  • Besides eliciting reasons for leaving, feedback from every employee includes what’s working well, what’s not and provides for gathering ideas for improvement.

Free HR Bandwidth:

  • HR teams can now spend time with employees rather than in front of their computers
  • Reporting and analysis essentially involve sifting through large amounts data. By making this valuable feedback available month-on-month, HR specialists can spend time in addressing root causes and building solutions