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  • “The CTT EVP program is logical, well-designed, structured and easy to follow. It provided a practical process with templates and clear guidelines for every step of the EVP development process. From project team setup, stakeholder engagement to research, analysis, reporting and developing the creative brief, one of the biggest benefits was that they had done all the thinking. They were always one step ahead, saving us a lot of time!”
    Faiza Savul, Director HR - Head of Center of Expertise at global utility company
  • “My interactions with CTT have been exemplary. They quickly understood our business and asked insightful questions to help create, validate and execute our way forward. They are helpful and knowledgeable. I found myself completely trusting their suggestions/input really quickly”
    Naveed Asghar, CEO, GroupM
  • “A strong Employer Value Proposition is fundamental to attracting and retaining good talent. Having worked very closely with Create Think Tank, CTT, we were able to develop a strong and differentiated positioning for our employer brand, helping us win the coveted “Employer of the Year” award. I valued their expertise and laser focused approach – which delivers results. I highly recommend CTT as HR transformation experts.”
    Fariha Salahuddin SVP, CHRO AMESA, PepsiCo, Dubai, UAE
  • ‘There were refreshingly few marketing buzz words and a lot of insights. A very good partnership internally - stepping away from the traditionally heavily cognitive and cerebral process of positioning & identity and entering the world of creative and focused experimentation. And - as a welcome side effect you get a real understanding of your colleagues.’
    Avid Energy, UK
  • ‘If this had been pro-actively proposed by our normal communications agency, we would all have hailed it as genius. This could be the kind of session that transforms a “good” rating to an “excellent” rating for agency appraisals at the end of the year.’
    Unilever, UK - VP
  • ‘Really interesting and a different perspective/approach to understanding organizations better! Whether it’s to re-evaluate your employer brand position or discover the best space for it, the approach makes the experience insightful and engaging! The thinking is grounded in robust theories, which helps guide your brand to its most effective position based on what you want that brand to achieve!’
    Henkel, UK - Director


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