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Experience Solutions

People management is the cornerstone of an organization’s human capital. That’s why employee experience (EX) analytics (or people analytics) is so critical to other larger business goals of any company. In a dynamic and competitive business landscape, HR strategies need to go beyond traditional HR management approaches. A data driven EX platform empowers you to do both.

At CTT we show you how you can transform your people management strategies and decode EX analytics with accurate and actionable tech- enabled insights. Leverage such insights to know your employees better. Use the insights to develop a clear, measurable, and effective HR roadmap to nurture employee engagement and build a stellar corporate culture


  • Use people analytics to measure the effectiveness of HR programs and build a thriving corporate culture

  • Create a nurturing work culture built on trust

  • Check employee satisfaction levels throughout the employee lifecycle

  • Identify factors that lead to high employee turnover

  • Create meaningful strategies to improve managerial efficiency

  • Develop strategies for higher employee engagement

  • Identify areas that employees find unproductive



Companies with high employee engagement are 22% more profitable and attract better talent.


20% of top candidates consider work culture an important criterion when deciding to choose a role.


66% of employees leave an organization due to employee loneliness and lack of Acknowledgement.

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Employee Experience Services

Improve your employee attraction and retention rates through channeling internal and external Employee Value Proposition (EVP) communication.
Understand employee sentiments, perception and attitudes towards company policies, culture, and work environment.
Our 360-degree feedback assessment program help leaders manage the logistics of a complex 360 degree feedback assessment.
Understand underlying reasons for employee churn, its impact on other areas of business, and strategic interventions.
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Harness the Power of People Data and Analytics

Improve your employee experience and organizational culture through employee engagement surveys, eNPS solutions, people analytics, and more.

Listen to Your Employees From Start to Finish

Effectively measure and understand your entire employee life cycle using pulse surveys, onboarding surveys, exit surveys, and much more.

Build Strong Cultures and the Effective Leaders

Assess key leadership competencies and behaviors that are tied to your organization’s KPIs with 360 Degree Feedback & Multi-Rater Assessments.