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Use 360 feedback to develop your people to power growth and innovation

With actionable feedback and insights that are personalized to each employee, 360 Development helps your talent build upon their skills, understand their individual challenges, and take the right actions to ultimately boost business impact.

What is 360-degree feedback?

360 Degree Feedback is an evaluation system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports.

Your Employee Experience is a direct reflection of the leaders who make the experience either amazing or less than desirable. An effective way to improve the Employee Experience is to help your leaders improve through 360 Degree Feedback.

We make it easy to manage a 360 Degree Feedback program. You can use our platform to administer the entire process and have access to the system and visibility into the process. We will help you in setting up the assessments, identify participants, coordinate schedules, and configure reporting options. We also answer questions from users, send reminders, and generate reports. Our process ensures high confidentiality, zero mistakes, and peace of mind.

CTT 360-Degree Feedback Platform Has Been Built by Experienced HR Professionals

Our 360-Degree Feedback platform helps HR leaders manage the logistics of a complex 360 Degree Feedback program. It also solves a core problem associated with remote workforces: how do we give feedback when we aren’t working side-by-side? The platform captures feedback from everyone around the participant to ensure they get an accurate view of where they are succeeding and where they may need help. It also manages the realities of the modern workplace by creating an online feedback collection system that works anywhere your people are. Help your people grow and develop by giving them a proven tool to build self-awareness.