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Employee Engagement Surveys Are Vital in Understanding the Employee Experience

The most important step in building a winning Employee Experience is understanding your employees’ perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. A key source of this information is regular, organization-wide surveys. For years, HR professionals have referred to these surveys as Employee Engagement surveys. Today, we sometimes refer to them as Employee Experience surveys because that’s what they measure.

An org-wide employee survey should be run on an annual basis to track which direction it is headed in, and organizations have a myriad of options to gather this information. Solutions range from integrated HR platforms to purpose-built employee engagement research tools. HR and managers have access to feedback in real time. The dashboards are built on solid science which gives HR confidence that the platform shines.

At CTT, our approach is to provide you with not only the very best data, it is about connecting the dots. Our mission is to help HR and business leaders learn faster through feedback and build a better culture across the company. By gathering comprehensive people data, using our people analytics software to generate meaningful and actionable insights and disseminating that information to leaders, they are empowered to take actions within their teams. This drives real, positive and sustainable change.

Do it Right With Valid Survey Questions

Whether you use our software tools or engage a project manager to run things for you, our employee engagement surveys have been built using a foundation of 66 statistically valid questions that measure strategic concepts and themes. Gain insight into the following areas:

  1. Working environment
  2. Employee empowerment
  3. Work-Life balance
  4. Compensation
  5. Career advancement and development
  6. Coworker relationship
  7. Culture
  8. Leadership
  9. Inclusion
  10. Company potential
  11. Departmental Collaboration
  12. Manager relationships
  13. Recognition


  • Machine learning lead EX analytics leverages natural language processing (NLP), semantics, knowledge graphs, neural networks, and numerous other ML tasks to extract intelligent insights from your data.

  • Understand employee needs more efficiently

  • Obtain employee feedback continuously

  • Analyze employee reviews on external platforms such as Glassdoor and others

  • Gather insights from all data types - text, audio, video, and images

  • Measure employee satisfaction over time

  • Gain a holistic view of workplace engagement

  • Bridge talent gaps

  • Bridge gaps between management and employee expectations

  • Train and promote talent internally

  • Attract and retain top talent

  • Monitor and enhance your brand reputation

  • Build employer brand

  • Create a thriving work environment


Can I send the survey to employees who don't have a corporate email address?
Yes. Survey can be accessed in a variety of ways.
Is the data secure and protected?
We never buy or sell data and will always work with you to ensure your data is secure.
How do you measure engagement?
Our engagement survey asks questions across a combination of organizational job and individual driver categories to get a full measure of employee engagement levels.
What is your average survey response rate and how do we achieve a good response rate?
Our response rate is 75%. We achieved this average by encouraging and supporting preservative communication strategies, creative problem solving, and automated email reminders.
What does the process look like?
A project management and advisory teams are there to help you from start to finish. A typical engagement survey project follows a workflow that covers everything from defining the strategy to implementing action plans from the results.
What support is available?
You will be assigned a dedicated project coordinator and adviser to guide you every step of the way support is guaranteed Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. However, we do our best to respond to urgent inquiries outside of these hours.
Can I view results by different data cuts?
Your project support team will work with you to define the most important demographics you need to report on such as location, department, leadership level country and so on.
Can leaders view the results of their area?
If the appropriate demographics are provided, leaders can view their area results. Work with your project manager to ensure you are tracking the information you need.
Can we send the survey in languages other than English?
The survey can be customized to accommodate languages.